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A market maker works on the trading floor at IG Index in London, Britain January 14, 2016. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth 0

5 Best Items to Know On the market on Wednesday

1. Given rate decision on tap, though no move expected The Fed (Given) isn’t expected to do this on rates of interest following its two-day policy meeting at 2:00PM ET (18:00GMT) on Wednesday. The...

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NYPAY: Regulation Prepaid

NYPAY: Regulation Prepaid A week ago, DWT Consumer Financial Services team member Tom Scanlon spoke in the June NYPAY panel entitled, “Regulating Prepaid: Balance Between Protecting Consumers & Promoting Payments”. NYPAY is really a...

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Generic Churrascos in the Federal Circuit

Generic Churrascos in the Federal Circuit The Government Circuit lately provided additional guidance concerning whether an applied-for mark is generic in In re Cordua Restaurants, Corporation., (May 13, 2016).  This situation stemmed in the...