Virginia Workplace Social Networking Password Privacy Bill Signed

Virginia Workplace Social Networking Password Privacy Bill Signed

On March 23, 2015, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe approved a social networking password privacy bill (H.B. 2081) that limits employers use of employees’ and job applicants’ personal social networking accounts. Effective This summer 1, Virginia employers are prohibited from requiring current or prospective employees to talk about login credentials or give a supervisor like a contact on their own personal account. Employers will also be prohibited from retaliating against employees or refusing to employ job seekers for exercising such social networking privacy legal rights. While Virginia includes a status being an “employer-friendly” condition, what the law states imposes relatively substantial limitations on such access by Virginia employers (private or public). There are specific exceptions permitting employers to conform with federal, condition or local laws and regulations and also the rules of self-regulatory organizations. 18 other states have the identical workplace social networking password privacy law.

Such as the legislation enacted in other states, Virginia’s new law generally prohibits a company from requesting or requiring that applicants or employees disclose the password for his or her social networking accounts. What the law states also prohibits any employer from requiring that applicants or employees add some employer’s worker, supervisor, or administrator towards the listing of contacts connected using their social networking account. Virginia’s law doesn’t include prohibitions against other means of circumventing user-produced limitations on use of social networking accounts contained in other similar laws and regulations. Using the most of password protection laws and regulations, Virginia’s new law provides certain exceptions to safeguard employers’ legitimate business interests. Virginia’s law doesn’t offer a personal reason for action or any mechanism for administrative enforcement, so it’s unclear the way the new law is going to be enforced. Guidelines for employers isn’t to find use of employees’ and applicants’ personal online content except where there’s a powerful business interest for doing this that’s recognized in relevant privacy law. H.B. 2081 can be obtained at ful HB2081ER pdf.

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