This Really Is No Laughing Matter

This Really Is No Laughing Matter

I heard a brand new statistic yesterday and it was all excited. LOL! Thought it might be some big news event which i could blog relating to this morning, possibly even debate with my labor and employment colleagues. ROTFL!

Like, how the amount of wage cases filed in federal district courts rose to some whopping 8,160 in the finish from the 2014 reporting period. Or, the way the Pew Research Center lately noted the more and more more diverse nature of U.S. religious groups in 2015, and possibly how employers should think about the outcome on religious legal rights and accommodation at work.

Not a chance. Things I heard yesterday was a level bigger stunner. Apparently, and based on Facebook, people aren’t expressing laughter online with “LOL.” Rather, “HaHa,” “HeHe,” and using emojis took over, with “LOL” now getting used with a very-less-than-hip 1.9 % of internet users. Express it ain’t so!

Is that this really worth news (not to mention, a distinguished blog publish, LOL!!)? This development left me with a brand new list: My best three issues to think about in the demise of LOL-ing:

1.         I suppose that “HaHa” and “HeHe” will let people know that I’m laughing. But, how will they really know that I’m laughing really, really hard? If LOL makes me a loser, what’s become of LMAO, or LMFAO?  Can I start trending my own “HaHaMAO?”

2.         I’m willing to be hip and dive right in, but “LOL” was so easy to spell. Is the new lingo one word or two (i.e., “HaHa” or “Ha Ha”)? Is the second “ha” capitalized or not (i.e., “Haha” or “HaHa”)?

3.         Am I still able to laugh at my own post like I used to do so freely with “LOL” at the end of my statement (i.e., “Here’s a pic of my friend and me in the rain. LOL!”)? Or is “HaHa” or “HeHe” reserved now only for someone else’s post?

Employer Remove: What in the event you being an employer remove out of this development?

This one’s tough, and a stretch I acknowledge. But there’s a lesson for you, deep lower. With regards to social networking, and social/cultural swings, you have to understand that it isn’t just your teenage kids doing the work. So might be the employees, youthful and old. And it is not only Facebook they’re speaking on any longer either.

Being an employer of individuals, it’s essential that you stay on the top famous these developments – newsworthy or otherwise. Comprehend the language the employees are speaking and every one of the platforms they’re using to convey their opinions, and definitely stay up with the ever-altering rules from the road that affect individuals platforms and individuals opinions with regards to making employment-related decisions according to your employees’ social networking activity. No matter the way you stay on the top of products, go with whatever you crave to eat.



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