The GC’s Perspective: Relationships Are Key

The GC’s Perspective: Relationships Are Key

Within my annual year-finish scramble to get the needed Ongoing Legal Education credits, I attended a GC panel located by our local Legal Marketing Association. Because the moderator requested the panel people questions regarding the way they purchase legal services, exactly the same response emerged again and again: Relationships would be the key.

At the start of the discussion an attendee requested, “How would you hire outdoors counsel?” One GC clarified he uses three criteria for hiring: excellence of the work, cost-effectiveness and whether he likes the lawyer. Longstanding relationships are extremely important when hiring, whether directly using the lawyer or via a referral source.

When requested about the easiest method to engage, one panelist stated, “Come see us and get you skill better. And certainly don’t bill for this!Inches Another panelist clarified, “You need to engage correctly and also at the best time. Should you not be aware of GC, you cannot attract them correctly.Inches

The overall consensus among the panelists was there are several important elements towards the professional relationship between inside and outdoors counsel: responsiveness, maintaining your GC informed, billing correctly, efficiency and controlling costs. However, a powerful personal connection is equally as important. One panel member stated, “If you’ve got a good relationship, a poor result might be simpler to deal with.Inches

Take some time this season to achieve to the in-house counsel that you’re employed and make certain your relationship is seem. It will likely be time well-spent.

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