Legislative Update

Legislative Update

With negotiations on the budget bill (H1030) continuing outside the public view, this week the General Assembly focused on other issues.

Body Cameras (H972)
The House Judiciary II Committee approved a plan to make body camera recordings more accessible to the public.  Last year’s budget included funds for grants up to $100,000 each for law enforcement agencies to purchase these cameras.  This year’s bill focuses on access to the video footage.   Some agencies have chosen to treat these recordings as confidential personnel records. As the use of body cameras increases, many open-government advocates are pushing for increased transparency on the recordings.   The bill has not been referred to a second House committee for discussion.

Coal Ash (S71)
As promised, Governor McCrory vetoed the bill that would have reconstituted the Coal Ash Management Commission. Some Legislative leaders indicated late in the week that instead of overriding the veto, they are working with the Governor on a new bill to address some of the contested issues.

Industrial Hemp (H992)
The House Committee on Agriculture gave a favorable report to a bill that would create more agricultural oversight for the State’s Industrial Hemp Program. The pilot program was created last year under NC State University and allowed private donors to provide up to $200,000 to cover costs.

Regulatory Reform (S303 & H169)
Two bills amending regulations of various industries made headway this week. The Regulatory Reform Act of 2016 (S303) moved through both the House Regulatory Reform and House Finance Committees. The Senate’s version on these issues (H169) is expected to be heard on the Senate floor this coming Monday. After the bills pass the two chambers, the members will work to resolve the differences between them.

Budget Conferees Named:

•Rep. Nelson Dollar, House Chair 
•Rep. Linda P. Johnson, House Vice Chair 
•Rep. Donny Lambeth, House Vice Chair 
•Rep. Chuck McGrady, House Vice Chair 
•Rep. William Brawley, House Vice Chair 
•Rep. Jason Saine, House Vice Chair 
•Rep. Mike Hager, House Vice Chair 
•Rep. David R. Lewis, House Vice Chair 
•Rep. Dean Arp 
•Rep. Marilyn Avila 
•Rep. John R. Bell, IV 
•Rep. Hugh Blackwell 
•Rep. James L. Boles, Jr. 
•Rep. William D. Brisson 
•Rep. Rayne Brown 
•Rep. Rob Bryan 
•Rep. Justin P. Burr 
•Rep. George G. Cleveland 
•Rep. N. Leo Daughtry 
•Rep. Jimmy Dixon 
•Rep. Josh Dobson 
•Rep. John Faircloth 
•Rep. Jon Hardister 
•Rep. D. Craig Horn 
•Rep. Pat B. Hurley 
•Rep. Frank Iler 
•Rep. Chris Malone 
•Rep. Pat McElraft 
•Rep. Michele D. Presnell 
•Rep. Dennis Riddell 
•Rep. Phil Shepard 
•Rep. Paul Tine 
•Rep. John A. Torbett 
•Rep. Roger West 
•Rep. John Szoka 
•Rep. Kelly E. Hastings 
•Rep. Mitchell S. Setzer 
•Rep. Susan Martin 
•Rep. Charles Graham 
•Rep. Becky Carney 
•Rep. Marvin W. Lucas 
•Rep. Ken Waddell 
•Rep. Ken Goodman 
•Rep. Michael H. Wray 
•Sen. Harry Brown, Senate Chair 
•Sen. Brent Jackson 
•Sen. Kathy Harrington 
•Sen. Wesley Meredith 
•Sen. Bill Rabon 
•Sen. Tom Apodaca 
•Sen. Chad Barefoot 
•Sen. Jerry W. Tillman 
•Sen. Jim Davis 
•Sen. Norman W. Sanderson 
•Sen. Ralph Hise 
•Sen. Louis Pate 
•Sen. Tommy Tucker 
•Sen. Stan Bingham 
•Sen. E. S. (Buck) Newton 
•Sen. Shirley B. Randleman 
•Sen. Andrew C. Brock 
•Sen. Bill Cook 
•Sen. Trudy Wade 
•Sen. Bob Rucho 
•Sen. Rick Gunn

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