2015 Clean Energy Challenge – Today!

2015 Clean Energy Challenge – Today!

Today, the Clean Energy Trust, co-founded by Michael Polsky and Nicholas Pritzker, presents the 5th annual Clean Energy Challenge! The event, which counts Exelon, Boeing, Accenture, American Electric Power, ComEd, Invenergy LLC, and Wells Fargo among its sponsors, is being held in Chicago at Venue SIX10. Startup pitches, thought leadership, sponsor engagement, networking, live entertainment, and much more are scheduled throughout the day. We’re especially looking forward to an address from Nancy Pfund, Managing Partner at DBL Investors.

The competition’s finalists include wind generator Accio Energy, Power-over-Ethernet platform Igor, human hybrid vehicle designer Rahtmobile, and power cell developer Atlas Energy Systems, along with several others. Thanks to many of the aforementioned sponsors, the Trust is awarding up to $1 million in prizes this year. Mintz Levin is in attendance and excited to see who takes the top awards! Read on for the full list of competitors.

Student Track

Advanced Renewable Technology International (ARTi)

Iowa State University, IA | Biomass

Atlas Energy Systems

Purdue University, IN | Energy Storage


Case Western Reserve University, OH | Smart Buildings & Devices

FGC Plasma Solutions

Case Western Reserve University, OH | Advanced Transportation / Fuel Efficiency

SOFI Automotive

Northwestern University, IL | Alternative Fuels

Early Stage

Accio Energy

Ann Arbor, MI | Wind Energy

Design Flux Technologies

Maple Heights, Ohio | Energy Storage

Glucan Biorenewables

St. Louis, MO | Biomass


Johnston, IA | Smart Buildings & Devices

Mercurius Biorefining

Holland, MI | Biofuels


Chicago, IL | Thermal Storage


Minneapolis, MN | Advanced Transportation

Sun Number

Deephaven, MN | Solar Energy

The Light Sentry

Naperville, IL | Smart Lighting

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