CFPB postpones field hearing on checking account access to Feb. 3

CFPB postpones field hearing on checking account access to Feb. 3

The CFPB has announced that due to inclement weather, it has postponed the field hearing about access to checking accounts until February 3, 2016. The hearing, which is to be held in Louisville, Kentucky, was originally scheduled for today.

As we previously reported, we expect the hearing to coincide with an announcement by the CFPB of steps it is taking to address concerns raised by Director Cordray in connection with the CFPB’s October 2014 forum on checking account screening policies and practices.

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  1. nycbpc says:

    Unfortunately, this project (one most cities can only dream about) is far from being set in stone due to a lawsuit being brought by the City Club to halt work. Due to irrespo1ible reporting and the NIMBYist propaganda from the City Club, people are under the impression that NYC residents are being called to pay $30 million (the city’s share of the project) for a “private” island. However, the island will be mostly for public use and only cordoned off for some private events. Also, the 430 million is only $7 million than the HRP’s Plan B which is to build a much more scaled down pier without any private contributio1. $7 million is less than a dollar per resident of NYC. Also, Plan B does not include private donatio1 funding maintenance for 20 yea1 – a big factor that’s rarely brought up but thankfully has been in this article. This is a project that has been approved by Community Board 2 and it is a shame that a group of rich people who may or may not even live in NYC masquerading as a “good-government” club (the City Club) is taking upon itself to stop this project.

  2. flame2975 says:

    ok look, u got the beta key, right? where do u see/find your beta key, i signed up but i cant find my beta key!

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