Your daily dose of financial news – The Brief – 6.9.16

Your daily dose of financial news – The Brief – 6.9.16

Breakingviews on the generally disregarded human side of all of the merger mania of late—from the uncertainty over job losses to the potentially unsettling reality of new management – NYTimes

Soros is back in the action, and he’s taking a bearish tack that’s reinforcing concerns about a global economy on the precipice of disaster [even while US markets seem to believe otherwise] – WSJ

Guy Hands, the amazingly named founder of PE firm Terra Firma, was in court this week in London denying that he flat-out made up conversations he’s alleged to have had with Citigroup senior execs in the lead-up to a “disastrous deal” to purchase music label EMI in 2007.  Hands now claims he lost $227 million on the deal as a result of claimed fraud by Citi – NYTimes

JPMorgan must face accusations that Bear Stearns withheld key information from MBIA insurance corp. about a toxic MBS trust that led to the insurer paying $168 million to investors, this according to NY state court judge Alan Scheinkman who rejected JPM’s bid to escape MBIA’s claim – Law360

Here’s one reason why REITs may be getting more attention these days (even if it’s in the somewhat unwelcome form of activist investors, as we discussed yesterday)—they’re crushing it. In fact, over the past 15 years, they have been “by far the best-performing asset class in the market” – WSJ

The Upshot runs some numbers on the current state of the Brexit movement ahead of Britain’s June 23 vote on whether to leave the EU – NYTimes

The fuel economy scandal running rampant through parts of the Asian auto industry has claimed another victim: Suzuki’s chair Osamu Suzuki, who will step down in response to the scandal over improper fuel economy tests – NYTimes

And we thought @TQPurdon has pull. Check out the power of Elon and his Twitter account – WSJ

Another fascinating, terrifying bit of nature, this time in the form of the Electric Eel. Now, with more nightmarish abilities to shock and leap – NYTimes

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