The Roundup: Last Week’s Recommended Reading (July 25, 2014)

The Roundup: Last Week’s Recommended Reading (July 25, 2014)

weekend.jpgWelcome to The Roundup for the week ending July 25. We have lots of thought-provoking pieces to share from last week.

From Around the Web

  • 8 Steal-Worthy Secrets of Power Networkers: What better way to learn the ins and outs of skillful networking than to go straight to power networking pros for their tips on how to land on someone’s radar. (LearnVest)
  • What Predicts Success? It’s Not Your IQ: Malcolm Gladwell and a well-known CEO believe that academic abilities should predict how well we do in life. They don’t. Here’s what does. (LinkedIn)
  • 5 Steps to Worrying Less: Worry is an emotion that most people feel when they’re faced with challenges. Here’s how to handle the emotion (Mindful)
  • 9 Ways to Turn Your Desk Into the Ideal Workspace: Do you think your workspace feels like an ill-fitting coat? Then here’s how to make it fit like a glove. (Lifehack)


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  1. stevenkopstein says:

    Good news! Still shocking to me that parking is subsidized in any way in NYC.

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